Nice, Christiaan (1939 – )

Christiaan Nice was born in Pretoria in 1939. A quintessential master of contemporary impressionism
who has established himself as one of South Africa’s leading artists and has been painting for well over
40 years. What makes Christiaan Nice unique is the fact that he is totally self-taught.

He has become famous for his diversified subject, including donkey carts, District 6 Cape Scenes, harbor
scenes and landscapes. Through skillful brushstrokes and drawings from his life experiences, he creates
images where the viewer feels he has become one with the theme or subject portrayed on the canvas.

He is also one of the few South African artists whose work is in such demand that they have attained
investment status. Steadily increasing in value.

His retirement should further enhance the value of his works. His work can be found in most leading
galleries, private and public collections throughout South Africa as well as Europe and the United States.

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