Vermeiren, Jan

Jan Vermeiren was born in Bornem, Belgium in 1949. Drawing was always an important way of
expressing himself. He began formal art training while still at school and later he studied full time at the
Academy St Niklaas and the Academy of Mechelen and later at the National Hoger Institute in Antwerp.
As a student printmaking was his special interest, and it was only after moving to South Africa in 1976
that he became a painter.

Although his ties in Europe are still strong he feels that his work is now more African in nature. His work
is an expression not of outer reality but of the subconscious. It is this instinctive approach that gives
his paintings their special dreamlike, spiritual quality. His images reveal a series of archetypal symbols
derived from various ancient cultures, reflecting his belief that it is these ‘primitive’ symbols that unite
man across time and different civilizations.

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