Myerson, Kim

Kim Myerson, a South African painter, has just returned to her homeland after spending the last 7 years in Italy. She studied the techniques of classical realism in Florence, under the tutelage of the maestro Charles Cecil who was trained by R. H. Ives Gammell and maestro Michael John Angel, a one-time pupil of Pietro Annigoni.a is able haracter of the sitter as well as capturing the

Kim Myerson specializes in portraiture, nudes and still lifes and describes her style as “Painterly Realism”. Her objective is to capture the emotional totality of the image to produce dreamy interpretations that combine realism with timelessness.

Using only the finest materials of oils on hand-woven Belgian linen and traditional methods, Kim is able to not only capture the character of the face but also the magic of their personalities.

She is now based in Cape Town, where she takes commissions for portraits, nudes and also produces still lifes and landscapes.

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