Kupa, Asanda 

Asanda Kupa was born in Molteno, the small Karoo, north-west of Queenstown in 1981. Kupa’s love for art started when he was in primary school and drew pictures for himself and friends of super-heroes and soldiers.

Asanda’s passion was subdued by a broad-based emphasis on commercial and business skills, and very limited art facilities. He completed School with University exemption, but could not afford a tertiary degree. In 2004, Kupa was employed as a waiter and did some odd jobs around Molteno, he hit rock bottom.

A friend of Asanda who also was an artist, approached him and said that they could revive their love for art. This is when he started painting again and when he rediscovered his creative calling. Asanda was driven to succeed against the pressures of family, society and situation. He took every opportunity to improve himself.

In 2005 he went to study visual arts at Walter Sisulu University (WSU) and after completing his diploma, he moved to Pretoria for a year. Asanda returned to Molteno, in 2009 and asked the local municipality to give him a chance to reopen the museum. He worked voluntary for three years, eventually the municipality started paying him for his work.

Asanda Kupa attended an Artist’s bootcamp by Churchill Madikida, a lecturer from WSU, in 2011.

He regards his work as reflection of that of” Liberation art” drawing from Abstract Expressionism in an African context.

He is now a permanent resident of Johannesburg.

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