Pieter Willem Bauermeister

b. 12 March 1977 in Cape Town, South Africa

Photojournalist & Photographic Artist

“I began studying photography in 1999, at the Cape Peninsula Technikon but a short time into my studies, at the recommendation of my Visual Communications lecturer, I went for an interview with Benny Gool, the then Picture Editor of the Cape Times. And that very evening, armed with my first assignment, I began my career in photojournalism – and indeed, my journey of creative expression through photography. As a photographic journalist and photographic artist, I am largely self-taught and fuelled by my absolute passion for the creative art of photography, as well as the discovery of telling human stories through images.

Throughout my travels, I became increasingly conscious of the human condition and all its beautiful moments one can find when the eyes of one’s heart and mind are open to truly seeing. For me, one of those poignantly and unforgettably beautiful moments was when – in Madagascar – I was generously invited to share a meal with strangers in the warm humility of their home. Or when I spent time in back-alleys with tattooed gangsters. Seeing mothers cry out in absolute desperation, or being blessed with the trust to share the sacredness of spiritual rituals of a group of Xhosa in the Eastern Cape. Plummeting across the desert on a derelict train in escape fom an  attacking hoarde of bandits on horseback.

My eyes were opened time and time again to the beauty and pain of all these people, and the moments that I have been so uniquely privileged to share in and be allowed to capture in my photographs. Sometimes, deliberately with no camera in hand, I would wonder  and wander through the streets of strange, new countries to only observe, learn and take in the sounds, smells, textures and souls… to take in ‘life’ itself — the exquisite joys, the devastation of pain … and everything in between.

As the years went by, the ‘life’ I so humbly and patiently observed, began shaping my own. I can only hope it will always continue to do so.”


  • EXHIBITION (2008): Ambiguity

A group exhibition held as part of annual The Month of Photography at the Iziko National Museum.

A group exhibition held in Abruzzo, Italy.


Cape Times | The Argus | The Star | Pretoria News | Die Burger | Mail & Guardian SA | Cosmopolitan Magazine SA |  Mail And Guardian UK | The Guardian UK | AP Associated Press | AFP | EPA (European Photo Agency) | Reuters | Bloomberg News | WSJ Wall Street Journal | New York Times | National Geographic Online | Kyodo News – Tokyo, Japan | Chicago Tribune | LA Times


South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Lesotho, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Madagascar Djibouti, Ethiopia, Jordan, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Monaco, Israel and Palestine – and more to come!

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