Vusi Mxolisi Beauchamp

Vusi Beauchamp (born 1979) studied printmaking and painting at the Tshwane University of Technology and Graphic Design at Damelin. His work is heavily influenced by Basquiat. The commentary in his artworks and his raw techniques of applying paint or oil stick are pure genius. Vusi is influenced by Andy Warol, his long-time art collaborator.

Vusi has been painting, drawing and writing for most of his life. It was when he was exposed to art in high school that he decided this is his journey. He works with acrylic, oil paint, charcoal and oil sticks. They all have their own personalities that drive his process in creating art.

Vusi works in a small studio in Pretoria, he uses comic art characters in his works inspired by Tin Tin in Congo 1931, the Mexican comic character Memin Penguin, and other racist caricatures that have been used to depict black people in comic books throughout history. Vusi does mixed reactions. He does with satire in some of his works, his style technique improves every time he starts a new work.

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